I've been far too neglectful about updating this blog.  With the crush of deferred action cases (more on that in a separate post) as well as just handling a (fortunately) busy law practice, I've ignored this blog far too long.  Hopefully I'll be more consistent with this from now on.

Anyway, regardless of whether you voted for Obama or not, whether you think that's a good thing or not, what cannot be disputed is that Republicans got HAMMERED by the Latino vote.  Now many will bemoan that fact as an example that "America" has been overrun.  I see it different.  America has always been a nation of immigrants, first of all.  Second of all, the Republicans gave the vast majority of Latinos no other alternative but to vote Democratic.  Republicans spearheaded tough deportation only immigration laws (such as SB1070) throughout the country and made such a tough non-compromising immigration stance part of their 2012 Presidential Platform.  

So, Latinos did not have safe harbor with the GOP.  These citizen Latinos undoubtedly have family, friends or someone close to them who would have nowhere to go with such a philosphy.  Thus, the only surprise regarding the massive Latino vote disparity, is that it was only a 3 to 1 vote disparity of Obama to Romney for Latinos.  It really should have been higher and it might get even worse if the Republicans continue to fight immigration reform.  Right off the bat, an uncompromising view on immigration reform found the GOP trying, and failing, to find enough votes.

Happily, and I say so with great caution, the GOP may be turning around.  When GOP pundits such as Sean Hannity and Haley Barbour, not to mention the Speaker of the House himself, John Boehner (R), are starting to show flexibility and even optimism about an immigration deal going forward, it is a sign that the GOP is rightly listening to the country and its voters.  Hopefully politics and personality will not get in the way and we can finally get immigration reform.  Or, we can just be happy with the great system that we have right now.  (sarcasm, I hope, was just detected).  

Dan Ballecer, Esq.