Despite the Post-Election optimism for the prospects of Immigration Reform, the past few weeks have exhibited only increasing skepticism over its passage.  Conservatives (mainly) have returned to their roosts with the familiar cry of "Secure the Border First" which is politician speak for "Immigration Reform:  Not in Our Lifetime".  They don't want to seem Anti-Hispanic, but they also want to appeal to their base (many of whom are most definitely Anti-Hispanic).  So Border Security First is a convenient phrase for them.  So whenever that rallying cry is made, my skepticism grows that indeed we will not see Immigration Reform in our lifetime.

Which is why I feel a small bit of optimism after this story from NBC Latino hit my news feed today.  If this is what it takes for the anti-reform crowd to support reform, then I'm all for it.  If this takes away their effective rallying cry of "Secure the Border First" then that strips them of their excuse to block immigration reform (particularly so since they agreed to this compromise in the first place).  

Maybe now we can get this done.  Of course, this applies only in the Senate where, despite skepticism, has always been thought of as an easier place for reform to pass than the House.