Will the Real Lamar Smith (R) Please Stand Up?

Congressman Lamar Smith (R) of Texas is certainly an anti-immigration hawk and not at all a fan of Obama's recent decision to exercise prosecutorial discretion and grant deferred action to certain non-criminal Dream Act eligible kids. Obama's prosecutorial discretion is inconsistent with the "rule…

Practice Advisory for Deferred Action

The Legal Action Center today released a Practice Advisory for Requesting Deferred Action pursuant to Obama's order that I have affectionally called,  "The Dream-Ish Act".  An important point to note is that, while it is not clear how strict DHS will adhere to the

AZ v. USA (SB1070) summary

I've read the opinion, and highlighted interesting parts (and there are many).  There were 4 provisions before the Court.  Here's a brief synopsis of their rulings on each:

1.  SB1070 made it a misdemeanor for a person to not carry his/her alien registration document (green card).


SB1070 US Supreme Court Ruling!

The Supreme Court has issued its ruling on SB1070.  Stay tuned for my take on this, but for now, it appears to be a mixed bag.  Win and loss for the pro-immigration movement.  

Dan Ballecer

Economic Benefits of Obama's Dream-Ish Act

Excellent analysis from the Immigration Policy Center.  For those fearful of a new wave of workers, just strive to be the best.  The best worker does not need the Government to help protect them by preventing otherwise young talented hard working…

It's Dreamy, but it's No Dream Act

On June 15th, President Obama took the bull by its horns and announced his administration's new policy of granting deferred action to certain Dream Act eligible children.  While there is certainly a "whole lotta" politics going on here, if truly implemented (and let's just see if it…